Experience local atmosphere of Naha!

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Please enjoy a relaxed one-hour evening walk guided by a licensed English speaking guide, starting from bustling Kokusai Street to a quiet pottery district Tsuboya.

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  • Walking Route
  1. Tenbusu Naha (Meeting place) Mar-Sep 17:00 / Oct-Feb 16:00
  2. Makishi Public Market
  3. Tsuboya Pottery Street
  4. Tenbusu Naha (Goal) Mar-Sep 18:00 / Oct-Feb 17:00

The meeting place is a square in front of the building “Tenbus Naha” facing Kokusai Street. “Tenbusu” means “belly button” in Okinawan language.

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Tenbusu Naha MAP (in English)
6 min walk from Makishi Station
1 min walk from Hotel Palm Royal Naha Okinawa
3 min walk from Hyatt Regency Naha, Okinawa
5 min walk from Hotel Jal City Naha

  • Tour Length and Departure

Approx 1 hour
Mar-Sep 17:00~18:00 JST
Oct-Feb 16:00~17:00 JST
Dates scheduled below are available.

  • Tour Price (per person)

Adult (Age 13~): 1,500 JPY
Child (Age 6~12): 500 JPY
*JPY cash only.
*Children under 6 are free to participate.

  • Reservation

Reservation is needed. Please fill out the reservation form.

  • Cancellation Policy
There is no cancellation charge.
If you would like to cancel the tour, please let us know by e-mail.
The tour will proceed in drizzly weather, but it will be canceled on the following occasions:
  1. Heavy Rain Warning / Advisory (issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency(JMA)) (Mar-Sep 15:00 / Oct-Feb 14:00)
  2. Flood Warning / Advisory (issued by JMA)
    (Mar-Sep 15:00 / Oct-Feb 14:00)
  3. Storm Warning / Gale Advisory (issued by JMA)
    (Mar-Sep 15:00 / Oct-Feb 14:00)
  4. Thunderstorm Advisory (issued by JMA)
    (Mar-Sep 15:00 / Oct-Feb 14:00)
  5. Tsunami Warning / Advisory (issued by JMA)
    (Mar-Sep 15:00 / Oct-Feb 14:00)
  6. Tornado Advisory (TATSUMAKI CHUI JOHO)” (issued by JMA)
    (Mar-Sep 15:00 / Oct-Feb 14:00)
  7. Continuous stormy weather due to typhoon.
The latest information is on the JMA website:
In case of 1-6, we will inform you the cancellation via e-mail by the following time.
Mar-Sep 15:15 / Oct-Feb 14:15 (on the scheduled day)
In case of 7, we will inform you the cancellation by 11:00 on the scheduled day via e-mail.
We will also update the information on our website / Facebook /Twitter.
  • Remarks
  1. Please come to the meeting place 10 minutes before departure.
    (Mar-Sep 16:50 / Oct-Feb 15:50)
  2. This tour is not insured.
  3. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Req. to run tour: 1 guest(min) ~10 guests(MAX)